As Rico Blanco returns to the local music scene, ‘Nagbabalik’ music video debuts with a great allegory about love, life, and dreams together with the IV of Spades!

After a long hiatus, Rico Blanco bounces back with a hot track for the rainy days. Together with the rising band, IV of Spades—’Nagbabalik‘ displays a new beginning for him and the band. And of course, everyone’s digging the new look and tune!

Rico Blanco became a household name in the local music industry for a long time. For almost 26 years, he’s been making music and influencing the new generations of music icons and artists. It really surprised everyone when he decided to make his comeback with one of the iconic band of today’s music scene, IV of Spades.

Nagbabalik, nagbabalik
Ang puso ko muling iyo

There lies a great irony with ‘Nagbabalik’. The aesthetic lyricism might sound like a love song. A song reiterating one’s choices to come back to someone. But if you dig deeper, it tells the tale of Rico Blanco’s decision of coming back to his passion – music. It might sing a different tune but it’s a love story for Blanco himself. It’s a subtle romantic commentary on Blanco’s current state as a musician himself, hidden from the naked eye.

Nagbabalik Official Music Video

The message of the song comes to light with the music video itself. There’s a distinct dystopian vibe it exudes from the color palette used in the video. Even for the location of the scenes itself. You might catch a glimpse of familiar sceneries from the metro. Familiar but it transports you to a new place like you’ve never seen before.

If you think about it, the music video serves as a metaphor for Blanco’s choice to come back to the music scene. The collaboration with IV of Spades is somehow represented by the attache case in the video. Or it might be a metaphor on his acceptance to the new era of OPM. The dystopian aesthetic shows off the danger of diving into a whole new world of music. But in the end, he dives into this strange yet familiar world he loved ever since together with new faces.

The music video might seem odd for some. Especially with the theme and deep, interpretative visuals. But it perfectly creates the story of Rico Blanco’s return. And it seems that there’s no stopping him this time.

Be sure to support ‘Nagbabalik’ by Rico Blanco feat. IV of Spades! It’s on Spotify, y’all!

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