For the first time ever, Rico Blanco teamed up with IV of Spades for an amazing new song!

Rico Blanco and IV of Spades haven’t lost their shine, after all. For the first time ever, they teamed up to bring us ‘Nagbabalik’, a song about not being able to let go of the person we love. I mean, who knew this was possible? And the song is so good that you’ll definitely be hitting the repeat button for days!

To be fair, the cover art for this song is impressive, if I do say so myself. At first look, you’d think this is IV of Spades’ founding members in one picture, but instead of Unique Salonga, there’s Rico Blanco. This pop-art style of a cover art might not be suited for the song’s message, but the four’s faces say it all.

Rico Blanco and IV of Spades

Never in my lifetime have I imagined how Rico Blanco would sound with IV of Spades. But turns out, it perfectly works! Rico Blanco’s vocals are exceptional, as it always was, but with the addition of IV of Spades’ old souls and their take on music, it makes a completely new sound!

It’s also good to see that Rico Blanco and IV of Spades are continually making music as they should. I mean, we all know Rico has been active since the early 2000s, and we grew up to his music as much as his music grew on us. Those were classics! ‘Antukin’ was my personal favorite. And despite IV of Spades losing a leg of the band when Unique left, they are still standing and continuing their creation of good music, driven by their passion for it.

This being said, we’re glad they created this song together! From one classic OPM artist to a band who revolutionized the current Pinoy music scene, we are thrilled to hear of their new song!


If you think about it, ‘Nagbabalik’ is almost like two songs merged together. The solemnity of the bridge sung by Zild perfectly compliments the parts where Rico sang. Although they did not have a part where they sang together, we can say that this song feats the strength of both singers in ways that won’t compromise both their styles.

Lyrics-wise, ‘Nagbabalik’ talks about thinking you have finally moved on from a person. But then, one call, and you go crawling right back to them. And somehow, we feel them on an emotional level. Sometimes we try to tell ourselves we’re over it. But whatever little progress we’ve made walking away from the person who broke our heart can easily be put to shame when the person reaches out to us again. “Marupok”, as we would call it today. But that’s how love is, it’s not always fair.

Bonus fact, they’re going to have a concert. And we’ll give you the details soon, so stay tuned! Meanwhile, you can catch ‘Nagbabalik’ on Spotify!

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