LATEST DROP: Mr. Sun by Over October

This new single is bright as sunlight. Learn more about Mr. Sun by Over October right here!

Mr. Sun by Over October dropped last Friday, January 11. This band really has its way to make me close my eyes and just lose myself in their music. And they did it yet again!

Their new single is so pure and innocent—the brightness we all need when life gets too much. Listen and learn the lyrics through the official lyric video right here:

Josh Buizon (vocalist/rhythm guitarist), Josh Lua (lead guitarist/back-up vocalist), Joric Canlas (bassist), and Janessa Geronimo (drummer) is back yet again to serenade everyone with good music. They are surely starting the year right with another great track that we could add to our playlists!

‘Mr. Sun’ by Over October

In a time when timings always wrong
In a world where the world keeps spinning on
I find the light and my life just opens up oh

Let’s face it, we all know it: Life is hard. We often find ourselves lost in the dark or in situations that give us a heavy heart. But through Over October’s new single, they remind us that we will find the light, that happiness we’re always seeking.

Quality music. That’s what comes to mind when the name “Over October” is mentioned to me. I just love their composition and of course, their words. A lot of us loved their song ‘Wait’ despite its painful lyrics, right? This time, Over October makes us fall in love with them through a heartwarming and very hopeful song.

Hey there Mr. Sun how are you doin’
Hey there Mrs. Moon your stars are all singin’
Cause as long as there’s each other the world won’t even matter and life would be a simple bliss
It’d be as simple as this

No matter how dark and devastating everything is, the time will come that the sun would shine for us again and the stars would sing lovingly at nighttime. ‘Mr. Sun’ reminds us that beauty and happiness can be found even in the simplest things if you shed some light on it.

Love this new single? I know I do. I’ll definitely add it to my playlist and you should too!

Did Mr. Sun by Over October lifted your heavy heart? What do you think of this new single? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below. You can also send us a message on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.

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