Heads up! A new duo entered the music industry and they just released their first single. Check out Momento by Islandeer right here!

Momento by Islandeer is the debut single of duo Christian Jansen (drums, guitars, keys) and Michael Garcia (vocals, guitars, keys). Hailing from Singapore, Islandeer is combining styles from 60s pop, 70s rock, indie rock, and modern psychedelia that you should all watch out for.

Check out their first ever release entitled ‘Momento’ right here:

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IslandeerIzwan Abdullah

The Islandeer is a Singaporean rock band composed of the duo Christian Jansen and Michael Garcia. 60s pop, 70s rock, indie rock, and modern psychedelia—this duo really is on the way to forming their very own unique and catchy blend.

‘Momento’ by Islandeer

‘Momento’ is the first track of Islandeer officially out for everyone to listen to.

It’s made up of two parts, one being the initial attraction to a person, or an object, and the other being the yearning for its attention and love.

Islandeer’s first single truly lived up to the kind of music that the duo is trying to portray. The intro is nostalgic, and it surely made me sway to that oldies tune mixed with modern rhythm.

The song talks of how we all want our love and attention to be reciprocated. However, sometimes we don’t know if there’s something there and if the feelings are mutual.

Something bout the way you live 
Really got me liking this 
What is it you want from me 

Rejection comes after being unnoticed. And ultimately, the frustration and the yearning triggered by unrequited love intensifies. Yet, does it matter though? Rejected or not, the song voices out the brutal reality that nothing ever lasts.

Won’t you feel my love 
Nothing lasts so whats the point to fall in love

Very catchy and chill, this debut single of Islandeer is overall refreshing. And I can’t help but wait for what this Singaporean rock band has in store for their listeners both local and international.

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