Valentine’s Day arrived, and so did Mitsa (Salamat) by Ben&Ben!

Mitsa (Salamat) by Ben&Ben dropped midnight of February 14. A few days before Valentine’s Day, Ben&Ben announced its upcoming release. And everyone’s hands were probably glued to their phone with the Spotify app open ever since!

“Mitsa” means candle wick, as seen in the official song art. Check out the lyric video right here:

The 9-piece band made the crowd roar even more than usual at the Karpos Live back in October 2018. This was because of ‘Mitsa (Salamat)’, one of the unreleased singles that they performed at the concert. Finally, the song is out for everyone to listen to and add to their playlist.

Nothing less than quality music from one of my favorite OPM bands, of course. However, this new single out surely caused some heartbreaks during Valentine’s Day. Especially for those who are in the process of moving on or in a relationship that’s going downhill. Or maybe, it was a catharsis for some!

Kapag ubos na ang mitsa

Anumang sindi, mapupuksa

Ang galit ay lumipas na

Inanod ng mga luha, damdamin ay lumaya

As band member Paolo explained on his tweet, ‘Mitsa (Salamat)’ is a love song and a reminder at the same time. It teaches us how our time and love didn’t go to waste despite the relationship coming to an end. “Salamat” in the title teaches us that even if the fire could no longer burn, we must remain grateful for the feelings, memories, and lessons that it gave us.

Sometimes, even if we want to reignite the fire, if the “mitsa” can no longer take it, then we have no choice. We have to accept that things must come to an end and we just have to bid goodbye and express our gratitude.

At sa pagsapit ng gabi ng pinagsamahan
Ang puso’y tuturuan nang tumahan

Despite the pain that it caused and not getting the ending we hoped for, our heart would mend in time. And looking back, you’ll be thankful for the things you’ve learned and once upon a time, you’re able to feel that kind of love.

Stream this painful song now!

Did Mitsa (Salamat) by Ben&Ben break your heart this Valentine’s Day? Or did it serve as a catharsis? Tell us what you think of this new song! Leave your thoughts in the comment section below. You can also hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.