‘Milk’ by Cheats is out now, and it’s nothing about dairy products.

People say that no one can really know for sure the meaning behind a piece of art other than the artist himself, but this single from Cheats is definitely not like any other song they have! ‘Milk’ is already out on Spotify and it might just be the saddest song you’ve heard in a while.

A different flavor

How does milk taste? Milk tastes like… well, milk. Just like this song is its own flavor. In contrast to the celebratory and feisty tunes that Cheats was always known for, the eight-piece band opted for a song with the saddest lyrics. I guess I can say their lyrics have always been on the realistic side rather than making us wear rose-colored glasses, but this one song is also paired with a melancholic tune to match.

The song had a lo-fi vibe to it through the first verse and refrain and then transitions to a beat towards the end.

Grief all over

The song shouts grief from every angle (or at least that’s how I hear it), from someone’s departure. ‘Milk’ talks about seemingly mundane tasks and giving it a much heavier equivalent.

Living alone is easy

It’s keeping someone that’s impossible

Fixing your bed’s automatic

It’s choosing a side that becomes a chore

If you speak about adjustments we have to make when someone leaves us, this song really takes us there. Cheats expressed how things that we did not make much of when the people we love are still here can be a lot harder when they leave.
Trying to sleep is a terror
When thinking of who is responsible
Of course, with grief comes finding something or someone to put the blame on. Somebody’s got to be at fault for the fact that a person you love left you. But then, all we’re left with is the realization that in the end, there’s nothing we can do but grieve at night, just sleep tight, and learn to breathe.
Sleeping alone is just breathing
It’s waking without you that’s all fucked up
I lost my heart when I kept it from you
Does ‘heart’ in this lyrics mean she kept her love from him and in the end still lose it because he left (or was taken away)? We don’t know for sure, but we can say this music would be a perfect soundtrack for when you’re looking out the window with headphones on–it really puts you into the moment.
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This song is truly as cryptic as it is sad. What do you think? Let us know in the comment section below after you listen to it! You can also send us a message on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.