‘Mexico’ by Paper Satellites is an ode to a relationship falling apart, and despite its festive tunes, it can’t get any more painful than this!

Paper Satellites just dropped their latest single, and we’re now hurting because of it! ‘Mexico’ talks about a love that’s drifting apart because of infidelity. Sound familiar? Well, if you’ve been cheated on, this might just be your new theme song. ‘Mexico’ lures you in with festive tunes that you can definitely groove to, but it has quite a sad meaning if you look into the lyrics. We can’t wait for you to hear it!

Paper Satellites

Paper Satellites is a four-piece pop band from East Manila. And despite being formed in 2015, the first time they recorded their music was in 2017! They produced, mixed, and mastered their first album called ‘Saturday’ on their own. How cool is that?! You may also remember them playing for 2018’s Fête De La Musique for the Freshman Stage. They have since released a song called ‘You’re Something Good For Me’ just last year. And now, they have graced us with their latest single, ‘Mexico’!

They pledged to take a more mature approach in songwriting, and that is exactly what they did! You can really hear the evolution in their music as time went on. Paper Satellites is Jyle Macalintal, Paulo Carpio, Aaron Escueta, and Timo Valientes.


‘Mexico’ is the band’s transition into a more mature take in songwriting. I’d be lying if I’ll say I didn’t dance to that groovy intro, but the lyrics are so painfully real.

Your mind is slipping away

We’ll keep pretending that you just don’t know how to stay

Feeling okay

I’m all that’s left anyway

This room feels so cold now I’m the only one in it

The song explains what it feels like to be cheated on. Even if your partner insists that she didn’t want it to happen, the simplicity of saying “No,” proves otherwise. The point is if she didn’t want it, then she should have said no, then the relationship would have been saved from falling apart.

Definitely listen to this song on Spotify!

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