Is summer over yet? Now might be the perfect time to catch up on some summer romance! Rich Caramat has got you covered with his debut single called ‘Meet Me At The Gate’!

Taking us back to our high school house party days is ‘Meet Me At The Gate’ by Rich Caramat! It’s out to remind us of how blissful it is to fall in love this season! Bringing with it a carefree, young, and rebellious feel to it is Rich Caramat, who is now introducing himself to the scene. Check out the official lyric video for the song!

Rich Caramat

Rich Caramat might be new to the scene, but he is certainly going hard with his music! The thirty-something singer/songwriter has been around doing small bar gigs and open mics, so some of you might have heard about him already.

You may be asking, “What’s there to look out for about Rich?” Well, he’s the type of artist who proudly wears his heart on his sleeves to bring us songs about love that would certainly bring us nostalgia. And we think that’s the perfect way to go along with it! I always believed that a piece of writing is considered good because it rings with truth, so there would be no point in being pretentious when it comes to songwriting. This is precisely why we love how unapologetic Rich is to write earnest songs that come straight from the heart, never afraid of showing vulnerability, always keeping it raw. Because that’s when you can really relate to music.

Meet Me At The Gate

The title says it all for this song. “Meet me at the gate,” is what the singer tells the girl. It is somehow convincing because the song provides us with vivid imagery describing a house party. The song is a call to run away, take the party someplace else, where it’s just the two of them. What’s also great about the song is that there are no repetitive lyrics in it. This isn’t the type of song where the songwriter just decided to write a chorus with repetitive words and just two verses and a bridge and calls it a song. It’s not that because there is a whole story told by it.

With its catchy tunes and great lyric-writing, ‘Meet Me At The Gate’ easily becomes our favorite summer anthem! You can stream it on Spotify now!

Rich is currently working with Typecast’s Steve Badiola and is planning to release a four-track EP late this year. And honestly, we can’t wait! What did you think about ‘Meet Me At The Gate’? Share us your thoughts on the comment section below. You can also send us a message on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh!