The collab between Lauv and LANY is finally out! Needless to say, their track titled ‘Mean It’ is a new jam for 2019!

We have been waiting for this for so long, and finally it is out! The collaboration track between Lauv and LANY is something that a lot of people have been looking forward to, and it’s here! Titled ‘Mean It‘, the song kinda sounds like something from either only Lauv or LANY, but we are not complaining.

In case you haven’t heard it yet or you want to hear it again though, here is ‘Mean It’ by Lauv and LANY.

Are we the only ones who had a little bit of trouble though trying to figure out whether Lauv or LANY‘s vocalist, Paul Klein, was singing? Plus, is it weird that the two singers just really look very similar? Because it is possible that we’re going crazy if your answer is yes!

The Avengers are shaking!

If you are confused about this heading about the Avengers, this one funny YouTube comment can explain it. Check it out below.

YouTube comment screenshot

Honestly, this is just hilarious but also kinda true though. After all, Lauv and LANY are both big artists with really huge fanbases. Speaking of, check out the tweets of some fans who are really satisfied with the end result of their collaboration!

What these fans have tweeted are totally relatable and we just can’t deny that this collab is something that we all somehow needed. So thanks, Lauv and LANY!

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