“I’m calling all of this stuff Distraction Or Despair, since that seems to be the two things I keep shifting between. Probably a lot of other people too,”

After their greatest comeback last year, a lot of the avid fans of My Chemical Romance had gone crazy on the internet and eventually expected for more upcoming live shows of the band. But unfortunately, the band was forced to postpone their Japan, Australian and New Zealand tour dates because of the Pandemic Covid-19. But of course, Gerard Way don’t want his fans to stay at home while frowning. So, the lead vocalist of our favorite emo band surprised his fans with the release of his solo songs!

“I’m calling all of this stuff Distraction Or Despair, since that seems to be the two things I keep shifting between. Probably a lot of other people too,” expressed by Gerard Way.

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Hey all, with all this uncertainty I just wanted to start uploading some unreleased stuff. Just so people can check it out and have something to listen to. Just felt like sharing. I think I have a bunch of this stuff, as Doug and I have been recording little bits here and there over the years. Some of these, like Phoning It In, were things that I planned on releasing as singles, and I may still do that at some point when I finish them, but I figured why not. It feels good to share. Who knows if some of this stuff would have ever come out? Oh yeah, the music is on my soundcloud, which I haven’t really used in ages. The link is in my linktree, along with a link to the Covid-19 Response Fund. In case you are wondering, this is a picture of my vocal cords, from when I went to see the ear/nose/throat doc before embarking on this my chem journey, to make sure everything was in order. He said, “It’s a little red, but looking good”. I’m calling all of this stuff Distraction Or Despair, since that seems to be the two things I keep shifting between. Probably a lot of other people too. But I think only some of the tracks are tied to an “album” of that name. I’m just winging it, keeping it casual. May add some notes to the tracks. Hope everyone is safe and healthy. Rock on.

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Gerard made the announcement on Instagram, telling his fans about his intentions for releasing those four demo tracks on his Soundcloud. Upon on a statement he posted, know that these unreleased stuff will be released eventually as his singles.

“Phoning It In”, “Crate Amp”, “Succes!” and “Welcome to the Hotel” are the titles of his rough versions that he uploaded on his Soundcloud!

Phoning It In


With his nostalgic punk/emo sound, this full single song takes us back where we can imagine his dyed hair. To tell you, this song was written and arranged at Gerard’s space at home with his friend, Doug.

“I’ve always loved the phrase and I was just inspired to write a song with it. To keep in spirit with the title of the song, I made sure not to try too hard on any one element. “

Crate Amp

We might encountered this kind of tracks where it is pure instrumental only, Crate Amp is really intentionally built in crunchy distortion. Though, people get snooby about them as per Gerard a lot of metal or thrash metal musicians swear by them.

“It has a mysterious stain on the front that looks like someone had put a candle on top of the amp and the wax just dripped down the front. In the listing, the stain was described as “a stain that mostly comes off” he added.



Another of his instrumental release, this song is sounded warm, fuzzy and loud tones created by Gerard. He recorded this track with Doug for the opening of the record. It’s more like messing with auto-tune to try and make it sound like an instrument.

“Back before Hesitant Alien was a thing, and before I wanted to pursue a solo career, I wanted to start a band and just sing and play guitar, after my chem broke up. The name of the band was going to be Baby Animal Hospital (the record label hated the name, especially since it included both the words ‘baby’ and ‘hospital’ in the same phrase), and I did a bunch of rough graphic design for it, but in the end, it really felt like a solo thing, so that’s what it became.” Gerard shared.

Welcome to the Hotel

Been waiting for The Umbrella Academy Season 2? Well, here’s the teaser for the OST that we’ll be listening along with the series! After completing the melodies, Gerard actually wrote a verse and a new vocal melody for the verse. This is really an exciting one, right?

“This was something Doug and I threw together for the release of Umbrella Academy Volume Three: Hotel Oblivion. Just something short for an instagram video. We did this really quick, didn’t give it much thought other than trying to make something that sounded a little like The Stooges.” he stated.

Bet that y’all appreciated the recent surprises of our beloved My Chemical Romance plus these surprised singles from Gerard Way. Let’s just hope that this pandemic crisis will end soon.

How’s your quarantine weeks so far?

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