Many QC residents are now starving, but strangely enough, we haven’t been hearing from their beloved mayor, Joy Belmonte.

Not until today, April 1, 2020, as the world celebrates April Fool’s Day.

She’s been busy

It turns out that the 50-year-old government official has been working on another project– something that’s far from the political path she has taken. “If they can’t support me as their mayor, maybe they would start supporting me as a music artist,” she said in a statement. When asked about her plans for her struggling constituents, she evaded the topic by saying, “You may wanna start calling me JB.”

Umuwi Ka Na, Baby takes inspiration from Orange And Lemons’ hit “Hanggang Kailan,” but with the artist’s own creative spin. It’s a slow, groovy track, and the arrangement, according to the now OPM balladeer mayor, draws heavily from how she thinks we should face life: “Take it slow.”

She also made sure that everyone would find the lyrics timely and relatable. Basically, the woman dedicates the song to COVID-19 patients who show no severe symptoms and can manage to self-quarantine at home.

Umuwi Ka Na, Baby by Joy Belmonte is now available for the few who still believe in her. Those who hate her are under no obligation to listen.

(Disclaimer: This post is a satire written for entertainment purposes only. Happy April Fool’s Day, everyone!)

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