There is no denying that Ben & Ben has been dominating the mainstream OPM scene recently.

Ever since their boom in 2017, Ben & Ben has been conquering the ears of the Filipinos with their music. What’s more is that it seems that we are not alone because even people from other countries know their songs. One example is the handsome Cha Eun-woo as he sang ‘Kathang-Isip’ in his fan-meet last October 26.

With notable hits like the aforementioned song, ‘Maybe the Night’, ‘Susi’, ‘Araw-Araw’ and more, they just grabbed our ears and hearts and decided to never let go. In fact, they are coming up with a lot more music to satisfy their fans!

Last November 1, they have released a song called ‘Masyado Pang Maaga’ and it is out on Spotify. Listen to it now!

Masyado Pang Maaga (It’s Too Early)

Listen to the band’s latest track here by simply clicking the play button below.

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Simply put, this song is heartbreak put finely in poetry. It discusses the pain of trying to fix a relationship which eventually ends up in vain. Moreover, it shows some common struggles that couples experience – miscommunication and a never-ending conflict on each other’s faults.

That could be understood in the following lyrics below:

Ano ba ang ‘yong hinahanap
Nasakin ba ang kasagutan?
Pano natin malalaman
Kung laging nagsisisihan?

Tahan, pwede ko bang malaman
Laman ng iyong isipan?
Para walang maling akala

Parang kay bilis ng ‘yong pag-alis
Teka lang, teka lang, teka lang muna
Sa’n nagkamali? Pwede bang bumawi?
Teka lang, teka lang, teka lang muna

The song is wonderful, and once again the vocals of the Miguel and Paolo Guico shine beautifully. Through their voices you would be able to feel the pain and the emotions contained within the song, and it is just phenomenal. Overall, the whole band just really seems to be in harmony.

Again, Masyado Pang Maaga is another OPM masterpiece. Thank you for this, Ben & Ben!

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