We saw your tweets about the Maris Racal new music video ‘Love Is Easy’, and we have the details here for you! #MYXPremiereLoveIsEasy

The Maris Racal new music video for Love is Easy premiered on Myx at 7 PM today, and you can watch it with us right now!

Maybe you’re up there and I’m down here
Maybe we’re not together I guess it’s not yet clear
Maybe you’re from Venus and I am from Mars
Maybe we’re just allowed to love from afar

The story of the MV

At the start of the video, Maris is shown enjoying herself at a café when she notices the old couple beside her. The old couple was all smiles taking photos of each other, and because of this pleasant sight, Maris couldn’t help but smile herself.

The old couple later left the café, and Maris noticed that they left their camera behind. Maris, then, decided to rush out to follow the old couple and give them their camera back.

On her way out, Maris saw another couple —this time, a younger one. Our heroine probably thought that since ought that since the camera she’s holding is full of love, why not add more lovely memories in it? So Maris tried to take a photo of the younger couple.

Unfortunately, when the younger couple noticed this, they acted differently. And this continued on in Maris’ journey to find the owner of the camera. Every time she points the camera lens at a couple—whether showing how in love they are with each other or otherwise—they begin to act differently from how they previously did.

And that’s what we love about the video. It goes perfectly well with what Maris is trying to say in her lyrics, which is perhaps lifted from her own experience.

Maris Rascal

We all know that Maris Racal is a popular artist—she sings, she dances, she acts, and she definitely has hundreds to thousands of fans looking at her from their own lenses. She’s quite open about her own personal love life. And as much that she thinks “love is easy”, maybe, just maybe, the lenses that are on her is what makes it hard.

Well, we’ll never really know for sure, but that’s our take on it. And we have the song’s lyrics for you right here for you to assess it for yourself.

As reported, you can catch the world premiere on MYX at 7 PM through these channels:

  • DESTINY CABLE – Channel 23
  • SKY CABLE – Channel  23
  • MYX PH

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