LATEST DROP: Margarita by Carousel Casualties

A poison and a treat at the same time, Margarita by Carousel Casualties leaves you high and dry in love.

A lot of romance and anti-romance stories spur from bars. From downright fairytale-like to the awkward and messed-up encounters. And Carousel Casualties didn’t want to miss out the chance to share what a random bar experience feels like. Flirtatious, sweet yet seductive just like a glass of margarita on an uneventful night.

According to Emmie Villegas, the frontman of the band, ‘Margarita’ is a warning label-type of a song. It talks about how we ignore the warning signs and red flags we see in a relationship or an encounter. Even if the warning signs are right under our noses, our stubborn selves just keep on pushing until the harm is done. Inspired by random encounters that happen in a bar, it somehow tells us how we dive in head first in a flirtatious encounter despite knowing the harm of doing so. Relatable, isn’t it? And as the song peaks at the chorus, we find ourselves in a compromised position of giving in to the addictive attention we seek.

Even we know how those kinds of encounters end up, we still take our chances. The ugly truth but it’s how it happens in reality. The line “she’s a gypsy in the night” is the group’s subtle way of saying how a mysterious and alluring person seduces us to fall for them. In addition to that, the comparison to margarita drink defines how one encounter seems to be. Sweet with a tinge of citrus but in the end, kick us back with the betrayal of that alcohol.

Just like the story it tells, the song arrangement is well thought of. You’d usually love the hard-hitting notes of the lead guitar and the drums. At the same time, the rhythm puts up that edgy melody in place. But the bass line hits the groove perfectly. All throughout the song, the bass doesn’t sound drowning along the lines of the other instruments. But it stands out in all the right ways. And the overall sound of ‘Margarita’ shows a different side of the band to look forward to.

Anyway, ‘Margarita’ is already available in Spotify so you better check it out now!

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