Bringing us melodious synth-pop tunes, Manila by One Click Straight tells our love-hate relationship with our own self-discovery.

The saga of ‘The Midnight Emotion‘ has come to an end. And that means a new music underway for the boys of One Click Straight. And to kickstart a new era for their music career, One Click Straight dropped their newest single, ‘Manila’.

One Click Straight is composed of bassist and vocalist Toffer Marquez, guitarists Joel Cartera and Sam Marquez and drummer Tim Marquez. A collective or a brotherhood, their likemindedness and undying passion for music fuels OCS. They pick apart their music to create a fusion of melodic pop, indie rock, and synth pop at the same time. As risky and experimental as it sounds, it what sets them apart from a lot of musicians in the local music community. They’ve embraced that kind of music and made it their own. For some time now, One Click Straight has been under the banner of Offshore Music and guidance of the legendary Ely Buendia. And they’re just starting again to create something that will knock us out of our seats.

Like emerging from a deep slumber, One Click Straight shots us with a song that truly resonates classic Filipino music. Giving off some major 70s Filipino music vibe, both the song and music video shows how far OPM has come. But at the end of the day, we always, always go back to our roots and channel it to create something familiar yet new at the same time. At the same time, it complements the lyric meaning of ‘Manila’ as well.


Sa ibabaw ng langit

Nakatitig at umaasa

‘Di ko lang alam kung bakit

Pangalan ko’y naging tulad ng iba

Aside from retooling their sound, OCS aimed for a much more abstract and personal take in the music. We’ve heard them talk about romance and broken hearts. That’s one thing we’ve loved about them. How casually they bring romance in a different light. But this time, they’re trying to hand us a piece of ourselves to us. If you listen to Manila, it seems like they’re just describing how Manila has changed over the years. How roughed up Manila, from all the technology advances and the wears and tears of time. I guess that’s one interpretation of Manila. That even if our beloved homeland has changed, we still try to look at the best parts of it.

And the same goes for ourselves. In a deeper perspective, it talks about self-discovery. Finding yourself after losing your way in life. Just like Manila, we’re ever-changing. Life changes us and sometimes those changes stray us from the direction we want to go.

Love-hate relationship with self-discovery

As we lose ourselves, we find ourselves falling and spiraling to self-loathing. You’d find yourself just trying to blend in with the crowd, afraid of showing who and what you really are. Because life scares us. Fear of being rejected by society eats us from the inside. And we just let ourselves get lost in the flow. But when in fact, we can and we should stand out if we wanted to. If that’s what who we truly are. And we should not let people tell us otherwise. Because as we discover our truest self, that’s where we find solace and relief of living life. No matter how chaotic it can be. Because we know who we are and what we want to do.

Indeed, Manila brings something to ponder about. It’s not just a simple groove tune to bop your heads to. In fact, it’s a fight song for those people looking for themselves. And that definitely speaks something about the songwriting of One Click Straight and how far they’ve come even for just a short period of time.

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