We loved the music video for ‘Manila’ by One Click Straight. But now, it’s also out on Spotify! And here’s why we think you should listen to it!

About a few weeks ago, One Click Straight graced us with yet another groundbreaking single called ‘Manila’, for which they first released the official music video! And as much as the song’s title stirs curiosity, the music video didn’t fail to live up to our expectations. We made the right choice of watching it, so check it out!

The music video

One Click Straight opted to release the ‘Manila’ music video first, and it only kept us looking forward to the track! Setting-wise, the colors used in the music video is a not-so-subtle nod to the ’70s disco minus the outfits. And boy, the guy was killing those moves! Considering he was in formal wear, that is. The whole idea of the music video is to let your identity come out and shine, despite how others would perceive it.


‘Manila’ is One Click Straight’s take on synth-pop tunes that sound a little techno like it came out of a classic ’70s Pinoy movie. And while we all have known One Click Straight for taking us with them through the emotion that exudes from their music, this song seems to be more of an ode to a city that is on its way to oblivion. “Wag mo akong iiwan,” the song says in reference to Manila. As symbolic as the song is, there can only be so many ways to interpret it. Mine would be that it sometimes feel like we’re losing grip of our homeland that Manila symbolizes. On another note, the song can also be about finding one’s self since it talks a lot about internal struggles and being lost.

Bakit ang puso ko’y namamanhid

Tumigil ang tibok kaluluwa’y nawawala

There are also parts of the song where the band sings about learning to love like Manila. So it can also bring you to think of it as a love song. It’s a song that hits you differently, depending on who you are and what you are experiencing. This being said, we think that ‘Manila’ is definitely something to boggle your mind about!

We have been waiting for its release on Spotify and other platforms since we watched that music video, but here it is! You can now stream One Click Straight’s ‘Manila’ on Spotify!

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