LATEST DROP: Manghuhula by Bita and The Botflies

Manghuhula by Bita and The Botflies is something you should all listen to now. Learn more about it right here!

This Valentine’s Day, whether or not you have a date, OPM artists gave us something better than flowers and chocolate, something that wouldn’t just wither and expire. Kidding! But seriously, a lot of bands gave us new releases on February 14 and our hearts are so happy.

Joining our list of new releases during the season of love is Manghuhula by Bita and The Botflies! Check out the creepy lyric video right here:

Manghuhula by Bita and The Botflies

This new single entitled ‘Manghuhula’ came off as creepy for me at first because of the lyric video. Don’t judge me, I’m not a scaredy cat! But that face though, guys! Lol. But the intro of the song is catchy. The moment you hear the beats, you’re instantly hooked and would definitely make you wanna listen to the rest of the song.

“Manghuhula is a dance between two people, that push and pull of attraction and hesitation. He’s interested. She’s waiting. What’s next?”

Frustration all over!

Bita and The Botflies’ ‘Manghuhula’ is really amusing for me because of the aggressiveness is etched not only in the tone of the song but of course, the powerful lyrics.

‘Di ako gagalaw kung ‘di ka kikibo

Hindi ko isisigaw kung ‘di mo ibubulong

‘Di naman ako manghuhula

It talks of how the guy is obviously interested with the girl but does not have the balls to make a move. The girl, on the other hand, is impatiently waiting for him to act on his desires towards her. Her thoughts in the song show off aggressiveness and frustration on her part because the guy can’t seem to keep up with her. And of course, she’s not a “manghuhula” or fortune teller to know for sure what’s going on in his mind.

Sinasaniban ka na ba ng gigil?

Bakit ang lagkit ng titig mong namimisil?

Laging may hawak na alak

Sa dami mong nilagok, wala pa rin tayong balak

Yup, very frustrated. People have this notion that after a few chugs of beer or with the involvement of any alcoholic drinks, individuals would have the courage to say or do things they normally couldn’t when sober. However, the frustration reeks even more in ‘Manghuhula’ because despite the soberness leaving the room, there’s still little no progress with the guy who gets tensed up as they get closer with each other.

Overall, this song shows how hard it is to be a girl in this society. Whoever implanted the stereotype that guys should make the first move and girls couldn’t seriously created a lot of hassle grrrr.

Listen to this single now!

Have you listened to Manghuhula by Bita and The Botflies? Can you relate to the song? Have you felt the same kind of frustration? Share it to us the comment section below. You can also hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh. We’d love to know what you think!

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