Maling Pag-ibig MV by Marion is here! And this single is part of the movie ‘Hanggang Kailan?’ OST!

The Maling Pag-ibig MV by Marion is such a great OST for the much-awaited film of Xian Lim and Louise Delos Reyes. Marion Aunor’s single ‘Maling Pag-ibig’ is such a painful song that matches well with the ‘Hanggang Kailan?‘ film premiering on February 6.

Watch the music video incorporated with the film right here!

Yup. I know. Painful, right? And it’s about to get more so as we discuss this single and MV together with the film!

‘Hanggang Kailan?’ Movie

The ‘Hanggang Kailan?’ movie tackles the question “Hanggang kailan tayo masaya?” or “Until when would our happiness last?”. The movie shows the story of the couple Donnie (Xian Lim) and Kath (Louise Delos Reyes) who is on a happy trip together. However, as the story progress, we come to the realization that it’s a bittersweet one after all.

It’s obvious that there’s a third person in the relationship. Whether or not its Kath, we’re not yet sure. But what’s positive is that Donnie and Kath’s love story will cease to exist when the trip ends. And in all honesty, that is such a painful way to end things. Having your last romantic moments and counting each second until it ends is so devastating.

‘Maling Pag-ibig’ Single and MV

Kapit sa patalim
Pag-ibig na palihim
Na natagpuan sa dilim

A love that is secret, a love that isn’t right. A relationship that you can’t let go just yet even though you know you have to. No matter the situation, most of us, if not all, experienced love or a relationship that’s not right. In line with the ‘Hanggang Kailan?’ movie, there are times when we know we have to end the relationship. But our emotions tend to get the best of us and all rationality seem to be absent.

‘Di naman malaman sa’n patungo
Bulag na pagsunod sa mga puso
Pag-ibig ay pilit na binibiro
Sabi ng iba’y baka mapaso

You know you’re not the only one hurting. Other people are involved in the mess you’ve disguised as love.  “Alam ko naman ang pinasok ko eh” that’s one of the most honest lines we’ve heard in the music video as uttered by Kath. Yup, she knows what she got herself into but like I’ve said, logic left and feelings become too powerful.

“I’m selfish for wanting you.” -Donnie

“And I’m selfish to entertain that.” -Kath

Marion Aunor’s ‘Maling Pag-ibig’ really is the best soundtrack for this film! And the music video gave me goosebumps from beginning to end. The song and the music video together with the film really is full of emotions and overall painful. For those of you who can relate to this, remember that love is the best feeling there is. So don’t let it be the reason for the tremendous pain you are feeling.

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