Magkunwari (‘Di Man Tayo) by December Avenue is the OST for ‘TODA One I Love’! Check out this new single now!

Magkunwari (‘Di Man Tayo) by December Avenue is their first single for the year 2019. Not only that, but its the OST for GMA’s rom-com teleserye ‘Toda One I Love’. The teleserye features Ruru Madrid and Kylie Padilla. Check out the teaser right here:

Of course, OPM fans went just a tad bit crazy after one of the hottest OPM bands at the moment revealed their first song for the year. And with this, I’m sure people are much more excited about their next songs. Seems like there are two more singles heading our way this 2019!

Magkunwari (‘Di Man Tayo)

I’m pretty sure fans of December Avenue was holding their breaths for a release of a brand new single. And finally, just before Valentine’s Day, the band gifts us with their new song ‘Magkunwari (‘Di Man Tayo)’.

Kumusta na
Hindi mo ba nakikitang wala akong mabibigay sayo
Kundi ang pusong nangungulila
At hindi susuko kahit anong sabihin mo

The song gives off the impression of a persona who’s a martyr when it comes to love. Which I really hate… but I’ll take it because the quality music is from none other than December Avenue lol! To me, it seems that the persona is giving everything that he has, including all the love that he could give, even if nothing would be left for him.

Ano man ang pagsubok
Ako’y di susuko
Ano man ang daanan
Ikaw ang tahanan

It’s unclear to me on what the status of the relationship is in this song. Just that there’s a huge struggle into it. I also couldn’t decipher whether or not the other person in the relationship is also fighting to keep the relationship burning. All that is clear is that the persona’s love is unconditional and it reminds me of a lot of people. Those who wouldn’t give up to fight for the person they love and to always have them by their side. No matter what it takes. It’s great if you have a love that worth’s all the trouble. Just make sure you’d still have some love left for yourself, okay?

Stream December Avenue’s new single now!

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