This ever-amazing band Mayonnaise gifts us again with a new music video and this time, featuring Näise. And we just can’t wait any longer to talk to you about the Magkalayo Music Video!

For those who are in a long distance relationship out there, brace yourselves because this is the song and music video for you!

This song entitled ‘Magkalayo’ was originally performed by Pitik. But now, join us in listening to this song’s rendition by Mayonnaise featuring Näise together with its new music video.

If you’re somehow living in another planet because you haven’t heard of Mayonnaise (geez what planet are you from?), this OPM band is known for contributing amazing hits in the Philippine music scene. One of the most popular bands since 2002, Mayonnaise is an alt-rock all-time favorite band in the country! Known for their hit songs ‘Jopay’ and ‘Tayo Na Lang Dalawa,’ Mayonnaise continues to rock our hearts out up to now.

Now, Mayonnaise is taking up the OPM scene by storm once again but this time, with Näise! ‘Magkalayo’ dropped just 24th of October under the Yellow Room Music company of Mayonnaise’s vocalist Monty Macalino. And we have to admit, this music video depicting what long distance relationships gave us intense feels!

Sing to ‘Magkalayo’ with us now!

Kung ano man ang mangyari wag ka saking matakot

Iibigin kang palagi at di na malulungkot

Nandirito lang palagi at di na mawawala

Alamin mo ang sinabi na, di na mag sasawa

The lyrics of ‘Magkalayo’ has a promise etched in its lyrics. That no matter the distance or the time difference, as long as their love is there, they are never really apart.

The music video was shot in Los Angeles, showing the struggles the female persona in the music video is enduring while being apart from her lover. And it showcased the intense happiness she felt when her boyfriend surprised her with his arrival. Then finally, he is home.

Can you relate to the #LDR struggles? Or are you just loving this rendition in general? Then you’d better add ‘Magkalayo’ by Mayonnaise featuring Näise on your Spotify playlist now!

What do you think of the Magkalayo Music Video? Did you feel the pain, struggles, and devotion through the music video? Are you loving this rendition by Mayonnaise featuring Näise? Hit us up with your thoughts in the comment section below. Also, feel free to message us on Facebook or on Twitter @UdoUph. We’d love to chat with you!