#CheatsDay is every 10th of the month! And with that note, we have ‘Machine Jr.’!

I think by now, we can all agree that Cheats’ previous single, ‘Milk‘, was something that could make grown men cry. And then we had last month their recent single, ‘Subdivision‘! Going back to their festive tunes but still opting for a very melancholic message, Cheats had just released their latest single called ‘Machine Jr.’ and we are living for it!

Here’s the band performing it live!


What first comes to mind when you hear the word “cheat day”? For those of us who go on diets (in vain or not), the words may not be strangers anymore. Cheat day brings us some sort of guilty pleasure; like you’ve been allowed to do something you’ve been restricted to do for just a day of satisfaction. Cheats took this concept and brought it to another way of hyping us with their songs!

The band released ‘Machine Jr.’ on the 10th of May. Cheats is truly giving us reassurance that we’re gonna have some good music coming out after every month until the ULTRAMILK EP is completed. And frankly, we’re not even mad. In fact, it’s amazing! On a diet, you’d wish cheat day is every day, and I think we can say the same about #CheatsDay!

Machine Jr.

Why the song is titled ‘Machine Jr.’ is beyond us. We have yet to figure that out, but we do know that the song is just great. Nothing to be surprised about, it’s Cheats, after all. Known for their festive tunes that would surely make you stand up to your feet and jive, the band kept true to their sound. Unlike their previous release, ‘Milk’, which was more on the depressive side, ‘Machine Jr.’ lived up to the “Cheats sound” from start to finish.

As much as the musicality amazes us, we are also baffled by the meaning behind the song. What we think is that it talks about hopelessness, or being a hopeless case in that matter. It talks about people trying to find out which part of you was broken. And you see all these people trying, but you already know there is no cure for a broken heart. You know, because you’ve tried looking for it, too. This is just how I understood it. How about you? Let us know after you listen to the song!

You can stream ‘Machine Jr.’ right here, and make sure to add this to your playlist! We’d be expecting another great hit on the next #CheatsDay!

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