The Lunas MV is finally here, and it is sure to creep you out!

We have loved ‘Lunas’ since its release on Spotify in 2017, and it is only now that the music video has been released. Two years too long, but it is finally here!


Earl Generao

Earl Generao has been active since 2017, which was when Lunas was released on Spotify. With his talents, he gives us music that can be classified as pop or acoustic rap. Earl’s work is definitely something you’ll look forward to. In fact, a lot of his fans were ecstatic about the release of this music video.

UdoU also did an in-depth feature about him so you can know him better!


‘Lunas’ is Earl’s first single on Spotify and Earl’s most popular track, and as a good song that it is, we have come to love the “cure” that it gives us when we listen to it. The lyrics say a lot about loving someone so much that you can do anything (and forget everything else) for that person.

“Nalilito, hindi mo ba alam nandito lang ako Para sayo, kahit ano ang kailangan. Bumubugso damdamin ko para sayo, Lahat ay tila handa nang makalimutan”

By the lyrics, it also seems like the guy is asking the girl to let him find the “cure” for her, somehow heal her. I don’t know about you but to me, that sounds sweet as hell.

Hayaan mo na akong humanap ng lunas mo,

Malay mo, ako pala ang lunas,

Ako pala lunas mo

A cryptic MV

Earl’s voice and the music made us want to fall in love over and over again, but I can’t say the same about the music video. I’m not saying it’s not good! It’s exceptional actually, it just had a bit of creepiness to it. If you watch it, you’ll agree with me! They merged two videos in one, which made us watch it twice to get the whole experience!

There were scenes where the girl was shown crying blood. The tones were also of red and blue for the part of the girl while it was only a grayscale where Earl plays the guitar and sings. It’s creepy, but then it’s also cryptic. An attempt to understand the symbolism in this one would be futile, but here are some things we observed.

The MV opened with a girl blindfolded. When she removed her blindfold, it revealed two hand-drawn eyes, to make it look like she had her eyes opened when they are still, technically, closed. It may symbolize that the girl is blind to something and refuses to open her eyes to it. The MV also showed elements like fire, clock (which is symbolic for time), mirrors, and music. I may be wrong, but this MV is really turning my head in circles! It’s something you can’t stop watching even though it creeps you out a lot.

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