In a world that doesn’t seem to slow down, we are locked in the busyness of our daily routines. Take the time to rest with ‘Lullabye’ by Jana Garcia which is the song that just might ease your worries.

In this world that we live in, it’s undeniable that we get really tired; we get stressed; we feel anxious a lot of times. So somehow, when we are prone to experiencing these feelings more than usual, we may get overwhelmed. That’s why looking after your mental health is crucial and taking care of yourself is a must-do.

When you feel like everything is too much, then rest. Stop and rejuvenate and reflect for a bit in your own personal space or sanctuary. Moreover, if you need some calming music to accompany you, Lullabye” by Jana Garcia just might be the perfect song for that moment. 

The sweet and calming ‘Lullabye’

At the end of an overwhelming day, it would greatly help if we unload all of the burdens we carry. So with Jana Garcia’s new single, you can surely feel the concept of rest after a long day. Upon listening to the single ourselves, we honestly felt like a cradled baby as we listened to her single. Jana’s vocals were soothingly soft and somehow, we imagined our worries just seemingly fading into the background.

To know what we mean, listen to Jana Garcia’s “Lullabye” with us by simply clicking the Spotify Play button below!

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The song is produced by the “Nobela” genius Biboy Renia, so you may think that “Lullabye” is a fresh tune altogether for the female artist’s brand of sound. Of course, you can look forward to more of her music as Jana Garcia herself says, 

“It’s the first of the many songs I’ll be releasing this year, and I’d like to start with REST. The whole year’s gonna be busy.”  

The said single came out four days ago on January 24, distributed worldwide by New York-based indie label The Orchard under the local wings of Halfnote Music Entertainment.

What do you think of Jana Garcia’s new single? Also, how did you feel upon listening to it?

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