With the official music video of ‘Looks Red, Tastes Blue’ by Mayday Parade, we’re reminded that even in this chaotic life, we are not alone.

Hitting us another home runner to the heart, Mayday Parade brings another heart-wrenching fight song. Positive and promising a better future, it’s a new yet heartwarming approach from the band. ‘Looks Red, Tastes Blue’ sounds cryptic like all usual Mayday Parade songs. But this one will surely make you feel sad yet hopeful, so get ready those tissues and scream the lyrics at the top of your lungs.

Mayday Parade has been a staple favorite of almost everyone. The American rock band took flight with their tear-jerking relatable songs that gut your heart right out. Most often, their songs talk about love. If you’ve listened to their early albums, you’d find yourself wallowing in sorrow because of how damn hurting it can be. Even if you’re not in a relationship, you’d really feel how heartbreaking their songs can be. Especially their hit songs ‘Stay’, ‘Miserable at Best’ and ‘Terrible Things’.

Looks Red, Tastes Blue

If I pinch myself so that I wake
That means it never really happened
‘Cause I can feel my tears finding their way
I fear it’s worse than I imagined

For some of us, ‘Sunnyland’ brings a much positive vibe than usual. The songs in the album tread on the entirety of life itself. It’s like a whole album solely for your existential crisis. And their eleventh track, ‘Looks Red, Tastes Blue’ gives us a taste of the reality of how hard life can be. Cryptic as it sounds, ‘Looks Red, Tastes Blue’ signifies how the death of someone close to you can affect you.

Death is unexpected. You might see it coming but once the idea of losing someone for good sinks in, you’d find yourself drowning. It just sucker punches the lights out of you. And no amount of crying can bring them back. Once it sinks it fangs onto you, the pain won’t stop.

And the music video shows us how people cope up with that kind of pain. But even though it can be very painful to watch, there’s something hopeful in it. That you’re not alone. And Mayday Parade wants you to realize that there are people who will support you at your lowest point in life. Grieve all you want, cry all you want and even if you feel like the world has turned its back from you, there are people who feel the same. And there are people who will be there to comfort you and catch you. Because no matter how chaotic life can be, no matter how painful death and separation is, there’s hope in the dark.

Mayday Parade has definitely grown into something inspiring for every one of us. It isn’t the emo-type of music soft bois listen to. They’ve found their calling in making music that people can connect emotionally and help them get through the day.

So if you want that kind of Mayday Parade music, listen to ‘Looks Red, Tastes Blue’ on Spotify!

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