The Itchyworms just released the official music video for ‘LOCO’, and most of us are not sure how to feel about it.

While we all loved Itchyworms‘ ‘LOCO’ (let’s be real, that song is heartbreaking), we weren’t quite sure how to react when we watched the music video. Have a peek and let us know what you think!



‘LOCO’ is actually a part of the ‘Para Sa Brokenhearted’, which was a 2018 film based on a novel by Marcelo Santos III. And it’s a song about two people moving farther away from each other. It’s a painful kind of love, one that can drive you crazy, which is why the song is a fitting choice for the movie.

On Cam, not Off-Cam

Gerard Del Mundo is a great photographer for portraits, but he focuses on concerts and other music events as subjects. As a matter of fact, he has some shots of Itchyworms on their performances, too!

With this great talent, you might think I’m mentioning him for being the guy who filmed this music video, but no. He’s actually the guy getting a haircut. We have Amiel Kabigting to thank for the production, direction, and editing of the video.


This music video is starting to spin our head around like tops! It opened with a guy seemingly about to get a haircut. But then, as the barber was working on it, hair just returned to his face. It looked as if the barber was attaching hair to him instead of cutting it. And his bear was back, too! He came into the shop clean, and he came out with long hair and a beard. How crazy is that? We can also see Jugs on the background choosing between suits.

It’s a great music video, we just don’t see clearly how it relates to the song. To me, it might have some sort of symbolism to playing everything backward. Taking a seemingly normal act of getting a haircut and a nice shave which means cleaning up your face and your appearance to actually going in there to bring back everything that’s been removed.

You can also stream ‘LOCO’ on Spotify!

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