LATEST DROP: Muéstrame by King James III feat. Karencitta and Sha Sha Jones

Show me! Show some love people! Muéstrame by King James III feat. Karencitta and Sha Sha Jones is out! And things just got hot!

You really gotta show some warm love coz there’s a new song in town. Muéstrame (Show Me) by King James III is taking the spotlight with his new single. But what’s more about ‘Muéstrame’ is that it features one of our homegirl, Karencitta, with Sha Sha Jones.

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It was smokin’ hot! Despite the song being in Spanish, we totally dig the sick beats. You can definitely dance to it! It has a sexy vibe added by Karencitta and Sha Sha Jones. We’ve witnessed, yet again another great rapping feats from our Cebuana, Karencitta and from the duo, King James III. This is not just your jam on the dance floor but can be your chill song as well.

We don’t know but hearing Spanish rap is exciting. Check out the music video below!

Their music video is giving us this GTA San Andreas feels. Well, the video is animated but it was an ultimate throwback to our all-time favorite computer game. Their music video counterparts are looking so damn fine!

And they’ve nailed it, making ‘Muéstrame’ feel like your heist getaway song as well. It gives us that extra adrenaline rush in the dancefloor! It’s oozing with danger and sexy all over.

King James III is the duo of JG and Neezy. They’re both from Los Angeles, California, where Karencitta is residing as of now. And together with Sha Sha Jones, a stellar artist, they’re bringing music that is totally out of the box. ‘Muéstrame’ is not just your regular hip hop/rap song but a clash of culture. You might not notice it but they’ve brought something fresh and relevant to this music era.

So you better add them to your Spotify playlist and feel adventurous and sexy as ever!

Have you listened to Muéstrame by King James III feat. Karencitta and Sha Sha Jones? Who’s your dangerous spirit animal among them? Let us know what you think about this amazing single in the comment section below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh

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