Aside from being fixated on countless Unique’s live gigs and his solo concert, we’ve been waiting for another surprise from this former indie darling star⁠—now, a rising star.

Unique Salonga just dropped his Second Album today and all of us were pretty amazed about how timely it is! Upon hearing ‘Dambuhala’, ‘Korporasyon’ and this peculiar, ‘Delubyo’, we can say that his tracks are well-crafted etched with a blunt honesty in socio-economic, politics and now, we’re all ears again as we agree to all of his written songs.

To tell you, his new album gives us a glimpse of being lonesome in stardom and a portrait of society’s madness. All of us were getting frustrated in such particular things like how the pockets of our mind be filled with rage and somehow, the loneliness we tried to hide. And that’s what ‘Pangalan’ offered to us.


It’s like a pretty lowkey letter though in a disc, that you can give to anyone because all of us can relate with his peculiar album.

With its creative direction and dreampop soundwaves, we know that we’re all excited to hear his new songs in live gigs! Even though Unique gives us weird visuals, we’re still falling in love with his peculiarity because there’s nothing more beautiful in being ourselves.

Apart from the songs that speaks timely about what’s happening to our country, there’s ‘Pahinga’ and ‘Huwag Ka Sanang Magalit’ for that speaks for our jaded eyes.

There’s no doubt that we really can count on O/C records in releasing great songs from their passionate artists! We cannot honestly wait for more surprises!

If you haven’t listen to his second album yet, you can stream it on Spotify!

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