Another chill song to appease our bored minds? Our wait is over because Niki just dropped her newest single ‘Switchblade’ together with its mystical music video!

After teasing us on her social media accounts about her forthcoming concept album, Moonchild, Nicole Zefanya or known as ‘Niki’ released today her newest single via 88 Rising. With the haunting synth, percussion sounds and dark electro-pop , Switchblade is inspired by the fast phase fame journey of the Indonesia’s R&B singer to a rising International music artist. Though the sound is too far from her usual genre, her new single embodies a thought of eagerness that one can accomplish anything, like even the highest dreams can be at reach.


To be frank, her newest music video which compliments her new release, is really a glorious and mystical one. It somehow introduces a particular individual who’s naive to her surroundings. And upon seeing the reaction of her fans to Switchblade’s music video, everyone’s raving about her blonde hair. She’s really stunning! This single kicks off her album ‘Moonchild’ to be released on the latter part of summer.

With 10 tracks on it, ‘Moonchild’ irradiates the youthful exploration through three lunar phases: crescent moon represents innocence, half-moon or eclipse represents disillusionment and full moon that symbolizes self-discovery and strength. Too exciting, right?


After getting hooked to her previous album ‘Zephyr’ and her song from the collaborated album with 88 rising crew ‘Heads in the Clouds II’, there’s no doubt that her upcoming album will also be a stunning great one!

Who’s that girl?

Niki Zefanya is one of the crews of 88 Rising together with Joji, Rich Brian, Higher Brothers, Jackson Wang and Keith Ape. If you are a fun of hip-hop and R&B, you are probably going crazy about them too!

Now, at 21, the global singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer from Asia, Niki, earned a loyal throng of fans with her darling voice and accomplished wide critics since her breakthrough album, Zephyr. To tell you, aside from releasing good songs, Niki wants to advocate and empower young Asian artists. Especially, breaking the norms for Asian artists and to be a role model for girls.

“I like to challenge people. Nashville is not the most diverse city, you know, in America. Especially my college. It’s predominately white. So I just bring my Jakartan mindset, my perspective, and my world view into the conversation.”

You can stream her latest single on Spotify!

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