Cathartic and promising, Ben&Ben’s Limasawa Street debut album encourages us to keep hoping for the better because better days are yet to come.

The long wait is over! Ben&Ben has released their much-awaited debut album, ‘Limasawa Street’. Known for their hit songs like ‘Kathang Isip’ and ‘Maybe The Night‘, they’re one of the biggest local OPM artists so far.

Limasawa Street’s a thirteen track album that shares the good side of love and life. According to the frontmen of Ben&Ben, Miguel and Paolo Guico, ‘Limasawa Street’ is full of hope. Derived from a Butuanon word “masawa” that means “light”, the folk-pop outfit aims to uplift hearts with their music. The album exudes positivity and hope in dealing with the darkness in life and love. Somehow it emphasizes the in the dark, there will always be light. may it be big or small, there always be a shed of light, a shed of hope for us.

Their debut album clearly demonstrates their signature folk tunes arranged in a contemporary output. It varies from folk, jazz, soul, and blues, keeping us up on our toes and seeing the love in different perspectives as their songs suggest. Indeed, it’s a treat for us hopeless romantics, a masterpiece not only for the soul but also for the heart.

Before anything else, check out our little chat with Ben&Ben right before their album dropped!

Essential tracks

Aside from their carrier singles, ‘Araw-Araw’ and ‘Pagtingin’, the album has notable tracks for the heart. The title track Limasawa Street is inspired from a street of the same name that means a lot for one of the Benjamin’s significant other. It talks about having this special place that holds memories of love. No matter what happens, it will stand the test of time. It will be there as a lighthouse, guiding you back to the good times.

Another notable song is ‘Fall’. A gentle, encouraging reminder that it’s okay to fall in love. It’s a confession of love, asking to try and fall in love with each other. I mean, we’ve probably had someone we like. And it’s just a game of tug and war between you two. Not knowing what to do. Even if the cards are laid, hearts on your sleeves, there’s always a part of you holding back. But what if you don’t hold back? Will you fear the future or take a leap and fall in love? Ben&Ben gives us a little nudge, a little push to show the beauty of what love can be.

And of course, ‘Baka Sakali’ feat. Ebe Dancel. It’s a melodramatic serenade, similar to Fall’s lyrics. It’s a much more emotional love song, asking to consider love this time. Sometimes, we fear the pain, how the journey of love will be. But the question of whether he or she might be “the one” lingers. Always. Compelling, there’s a palpable sense of despair and sorrow that would drown you in this track.

But every song in the album is worth listening too! Indeed, ‘Limasawa Street’ is a masterpiece, through and through. Ben&Ben found their true voice and it leads you back to the light of Limasawa Street.

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