Will you risk confessing your love for a friend? Or will you keep on getting tongue-tied? Lihim by Sleep Alley is our mood when we fall in love with someone close to us!

Most of us probably had a fair share of experience falling in love with someone close to us. Maybe a friend or acquaintance. And sometimes, even when we already sorted out our feelings, it’s hard to confess. Take it from me, confronting your own feelings is hard. But confessing to that person is harder. And Sleep Alley‘s latest single, ‘Lihim’, captures the difficult reality of hiding our true feelings for someone we like or love.

The four-piece alternative rock band, Sleep Alley, is quite known for their tenacious heartbreaking songs. The band is comprised of Althea Pagdagdagan on vocals, Alyssa Pagaduan on rhythm, Jude Daluz on bass, GabeTiano on lead guitars and Kyle Tesalona on drums. With their hit singles, Di Naging (Tayo) and Desperado, Lihim might be lining up to be the next fan favorite.


We’ve first heard of Lihim from the band’s demo EP, ‘A Lesson on Perspective’, last 2017. In fact, it has been breaking hearts ever since then for the early fans of the band. And this time, Sleep Alley guarantees a new and improved ‘Lihim’. The acoustic tunes really did it this time, for sure. With the new improved sound, it’s just as heartbreaking as ever.

Hindi mo lang alam
Matagal na kitang pinapangarap
Nauudlot ang pag-amin
Kapag ako’y nagsalita

I mean, come on, been there, done that. Confessing can be damn hard to do. Especially if it involves a person so close to you. Sure, the thought of rejection lingers. But what really scares us is the thought that everything can and will possibly change between the two of you. It can progress or it can regress. There’s a chance that things can go well. But still, you can’t deny that things getting awkward can happen as well. You’ll just get tongue-tied whenever you try to confess. Until all you can do is keep your feelings a secret. (Awwwww!)

So better add ‘Lihim’ by Sleep Alley on your Spotify playlist now!

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