LATEST DROP: Liham by The Stereo Scope

With catchy tunes and hurtful lyrics, ‘Liham’ by The Stereo Scope crushes our hearts. This might just be the break-up song of the summer!

Perhaps the most painful thing to do after a breakup is to reminisce. And it’s even worse when you have mementos that would always remind you of the person. Gifts, stuffed bears… hand-written letters. The Stereo Scope decided to hurt us today as they released ‘Liham’, their latest single. And it is out on Spotify now, but the official music video is just as good. Check it out now!

In the music video, the guy tries to reconcile with the girl, but he was turned down. He then proceeds to reminisce the times they were still together and he remembered everything, down to the day she wrote him a breakup letter. Quite the sadist, if you ask me, but in love, we are all masochists. We like to hurt ourselves ’till we don’t feel the pain anymore, so we can say we’ve moved on. Or is that just me? Nonetheless, I think we can all agree that for a breakup, a handwritten letter isn’t always the most merciful way to go.


This song perfectly catches the feeling of being left behind with all the memories to haunt you forever. It’s painful, but we have to accept that not just because a person promised us forever, it means that they would actually stay. If you look deeply into the lyrics, the writer was actually also talking about the struggles of a relationship going cold and falling apart before the actual breakup. And it shows perfectly in the music video how the guy tries so hard to deny the fact that things aren’t going well anymore by trying to act normally not knowing that the girl is about to break up with him.

Pag-ibig na tumigil, pagtingin na nagbago

Init na nanlamig, mga salitang napaos

Nagbago na, nagbago na, natauhan na, naglaho na

You can also listen to ‘Liham’ on Spotify!

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