Arthur Nery just dropped his first single ‘Life Puzzle’ on Spotify, and guess what? We think it’s absolutely HOT!

If you need something new to cleanse your palette from the usual love or heartbreak songs, I say you should listen to Arthur Nery perform ‘Life Puzzle’ live in the famous Wish bus right here!


You’d never expect that kind of voice to come out of him! A shocker, but pure talent, nonetheless. My ears are blessed! The video is on its way to get itself a hundred thousand views, and people are pretty convinced this boy will go places! His fans from Cagayan de Oro are most proud of what he’s achieved so far.

Life Puzzle

‘Life Puzzle’ is the first single off of Arthur Nery’s Spotify. It’s actually a collaboration with Yuuki Tacastacas. As of now, we don’t know much yet about Arthur, but we managed to salvage what we can find! Hailing from Cagayan de Oro, Arthur Nery has participated in numerous musical events and is slowly making a buzz in the music scene.

I’d like to compare this song with another singer, but no, ‘Life Puzzle’ is its own sound. It’s as sensual as it is romantic. While most OPM songs shy away from the topic of sensuality, this song presented it in a way that it does not sound violating or too malicious.

The last piece

The title of the song, ‘Life Puzzle’, holds a lot of meaning to it. Somehow it makes us think that life is indeed a puzzle, that the people who come into our lives are there to complete it. To say that someone is the “last piece” of your life puzzle would mean that they’re the only one you’re waiting for in order to complete the picture. And that, to me, is so sweet! Although I’m a strong believer that we meet the one meant for us when we are already complete, it is still so romantic to need someone as much, to consider them as the only thing lacking in your life.

Let me dive into your ocean of emotions

Let me crawl into your senses love

Give you truth in my devotion, slow motion

Feel your body as I lay you down
Cause I don’t really mind if you’re gonna take all my clothes off to feel loved
Last piece of my life puzzle you should know that
I need you, so move your body close to mine
There’s nothing else to say except that this song is so beautifully written. Stream it now!

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