Today, October 25, the album by Arthur Nery titled ‘Letters Never Sent’ is finally released on Spotify!

To be honest, I don’t personally listen to RnB a lot. I prefer loud, instrument-filled music with a lot of things to pay attention to – like rock, classical music, and jazz. However, after listening to Arthur Nery’s ‘Letters Never Sent’, I actually might consider listening to the genre a lot more. The same case may apply to you.

Check out the full album and listen to the songs on Spotify below.

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You haven’t asked me at all, but my personal favorites from the album are ‘Binhi’ and ‘Cotton Candy’.

Letters Never Sent

Frankly, one reason why I don’t like RnB is because of the tendency of tracks to be monotonous. There is no build up or excitement that the songs make me look forward to. That could somehow be said about Letters Never Sent. Yes, I may have bobbed my head a few times in response to the smooth beat of the percussion, but I got bored halfway through.

However, there’s no denying that Arthur Nery’s voice is beautifully commanding. While listening, he just soothed me and made me crumble into a small ball of feelings and longing. Eventually, I just succumbed and closed my eyes to enjoy the music.

Letters Never Sent by Arthur Nery Album Art

Photo from the official Twitter account of O/C Records

We have already listened to ‘Binhi’ before, and what’s just good about it is that it starts differently than the others. If other tracks have the ‘lo-fi’ vibe intros to start them with, Binhi on the other hand starts with a sound of violins – something which immediately caught our attention. And oh, Arthur Nery’s beautiful, sultry vocals.

Our other favorite in this album, ‘Cotton Candy’, also starts differently. Having a cute intro with funky sounds, it also stands out from the others. We especially love how it’s a little more upbeat, summoning a few dance moves from us here and there.

Overall, the album speaks of addressing a loved one who does not seem to return the same feelings back. Through Arthur Nery’s voice, we were able to experience a lot of different things – pain, seduction, longing for a beloved. What’s beautiful with the singer too is how he commands the tracks to influence us in a certain way, even though the sound may not fit our musical tastes at all.

With all that said, we just want to congratulate Arthur Nery for a job well done! Moreover, he has an upcoming launch for the album wherein he and other local artists will also be performing. You should check it out!

How about you though? What’s your favorite song in the album? Share with us your answers and thoughts by commenting down below! Or you can just simply hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter accounts, @udouph.