Dive into Jose Carlito Band as they dropped their new music video with a taste of 90’s grunge and all its nostalgic vibe.

If you are a fan of Nirvana, Foo Fighters and Sonic Youth, this rising Filipino band may give you a hit of nostalgia as they rock the OPM indie scene with their written songs. Along with their grunge sound, I bet that you’ll fall in love with their band as they showcase their immense talent on the stage. Not to mention, this song will also give you a glimpse of the latter thoughts from your childhood.

Every night when I close my eyes,
I just see them in my dreams.
They are telling me the story of that Big white wall

It turns my whole world upside down
It blows my mind every time

Big white wall
Some paintings down the hall
Some paintings down the hall

In case you didn’t know yet,  Jose Carlito is a four-pieced alternative rock band and they are one of the pioneer bands under DNA music. Composed with JC Padilla, Katsumi Kabe, Seth Gothico and JZ Lorenzo, there’s no doubt that this emerging Filipino band will soar higher. With the support of JC’s elder brother, their music video was produced by none other than Daniel Padilla a.k.a Johnny Moonlight. It was also directed by Peewee Gonzales with the utilization of the immersion of visual distortions and playful perspective of the peculiarity of fish eye. Those visuals certainly portrays the silliness of our childhood and bring us some sad memories of it.

The Fear of the Unknown

I bet that there’s too many curiosity in our mind when we were still young and one of them is being afraid of the result of changes which is really inevitable in our lives. Thinking might became our favorite vice and perhaps, ‘Big White Wall’ really speaks for those thoughts. To be honest, the song can drag us to a deeper version of reality where we can’t be oblivious to change. Like how our world shifted as we grow up—there’s no one could tuck you any more, our families turned out differently and list goes on.

To some it might sounds like simple and mundane where you can bang your head a bit but there’s too many sadness that this song bears. You can see illustrations of Dinosaur, UFO and other childhood stuffs that they used in their music video that symbolizes coming of ages. However, in the midst our confusion and fear of change, we can go along with flow or go against with it. If we open our eyes wide open, there a big white wall in front of us that consist of unknown but let’s always remember that blank is forever changing.

You can dive into the depths of this song and enjoy it during your tranquil journey. So add it now to your playlist or listen to this song on your Spotify, too!

What do you think of this song wants to tell us? Do you find the depths of its simple illustrations?

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