LATEST DROP: Leanne and Naara New Song – Rest

We dedicate the Leanne and Naara new song Rest to all the hardworking, independent strong women out there!

Living a fast-paced life in a crowded city can be extremely draining most times. But thanks to the Leanne and Naara new song Rest, we can finally find comfort in just listening.

The duo is back to play us some more relaxing tunes.

This song is low key about breaking up and its aftermath—about someone who’s desperately longing to find peace within herself. And thinking about it, this remarkably relatable piece speaks directly to millennials, and those who are unfortunately stuck in a rut.

Just today, after the song had dropped on Spotify, Best Pop Recording awardees (31st Awit Awards -2018) Leanne & Naara performs ‘Rest’ live.

And we instantly find our restless souls singing along to this!

Love it? Click on your Spotify app ’cause the Leanne and Naara new song, Rest, is out now!

Ladies, remember that we DO deserve to take a pause and breathe a little. We deserve to feel good about ourselves, like what the Leanne and Naara new song Rest says.

Slipping in something a little lighter. Watch one of Leanna and Naara’s feel-good songs ‘Again’.

Want more of the girls? Find out where they’ll be performing live next!

Catch them at the Globe Circuit Event Grounds in Makati this Oct. 27, 2018, joining the annual San Miguel Oktoberfest!

And on the last the last day of the month (Oct. 31, 2018) , they’ll be at 19 East Muntinlupa for the Santelmo Halloween Music Party!

Can’t wait to jam with these girls!

How about you? On a scale of 1-10, how affected you with the Leanne and Naara new song, Rest? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below! And for more awesome updates on your favorite OPM Artists, check us out on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @UdoUph! We’d love to connect with you.

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