Have nothing better to do today? How about taking a trip down memory lane with RJ Manulid’s ‘Leafshade Bench’ MV?

On Sunday, RJ Manulid did us a favor by dropping his latest MV for ‘Leafshade Bench’ on YouTube. When you see RJ’s cinematic ‘Leafshade Bench’ MV, it immediately screams “nasaktan ako“. Well, it actually does!

According to RJ, the visuals for this MV was inspired by the pain from his past love. We see RJ walking by the sea and passing through fields as he reflects on the time he shared with his ex-lover. Same, RJ, same.

RJ’s melancholic video can’t help but make you feel all sentimental but at the same time, the lyrics give us solace.

It was tough on you and me
Staying strong for each other
Recovering every time
We regained our composure and moved on with our lives

Go ahead and check out the video right here!

This song is from his ‘Reassurance’ album, which was released last year.  And just like the album telling us everything’s going to be alright when we’re feeling too down, ‘Leafshade Bench’ does the same.

“Leafshade Bench is about accepting that things don’t always go the way we planned,” RJ shared. “As long as we continue to learn and stay hopeful, we’ll be fine somehow.”

You can stream ‘Reassurance’ on Spotify:

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RJ Manulid

If you don’t who RJ Manulis is, he’s definitely worth your time! He is a Filipino singer-songwriter and producer born in Cebu City but bred in Davao City.

He started writing songs in 2011 while playing the keyboard for various bands during his stay at UP Mindanao. His early days as an artist was performing as the lead singer of Pushmid, a local alternative rock band. Shortly after, he learned to produce electronic music leading up to where he is now.

What we love about RJ is his genre of music is not your typical feel-good ones. RJ’s “genre-hopping” songs are attuned to serious themes like self-acceptance, love, loss, anxiety, regret, hope, and redemption, which we’ve all experienced at some point in our lives.

Listen to it on Spotify!

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