Keane Trinity decided to hit us double as they released 2 singles at the same time! And it’s sure to get you in 2 different moods, too!

Keane Trinity decided to double the fun up for their debut by releasing 2 great singles at a time, and we’re living for it! Although released at the same time, ‘Lazy Day’ and ‘Siga’ give us polarizing emotions as one is very chill and easy, while the other weighs heavy from meaning and social relevance. We’ll get to know about the songs and Keane Trinity in a second, but first, watch the band’s live performance of ‘Lazy Day’ at Route 196 to start it off easy!

Keane Trinity

Here’s what we know about them: Keane Trinity is a Blues/Funk Rock trio that was formed in 2017 as a project by Lance Keane Ong. Where are the other two members, you ask? Well, mostly, they just consist of session bassists and drummers that complete Keane’s guitar and vocals. Quite fittingly, it’s called a “Trinity” because Keane believes that you can actually make quality music with just a guitar, a bass, and drums. And boy, he wasn’t wrong!

The band has been making music ever since and has been spotted performing around the metro with songs inspired by many different things. It’s amazing to think that the following songs were created with just one permanent member and just three instruments. Upon listening to the songs, I never would have guessed. So yeah, you can make good music with these three instruments… it’s possible!

Lazy Day

This song is my kind of jam, I think it could be yours, too! We all had days when we really didn’t want to do anything but lay on our beds, shutting the world off. Perfect for the weather, isn’t it? But it’s not just that. ‘Lazy Day’ is accompanied by very easy-going tunes and guitar solos filled with suave. The lyrics mainly talks about wanting to just do nothing because you’re too tired to do anything. Social interactions? Not today. ‘Lazy Day’ gets us when we just want everyone to fade away for just a sec so we can be alone and do nothing.

I don’t feel like getting up today

Won’t you people just fade away

I don’t feel like getting up today

I’m just too tired


When we said that ‘Siga’ is packed with meaning and social relevance, we weren’t playing. With quirky wordplay, Keane Trinity tells the story of how a bully who can act so tough in school has a history of bad parenting. With quirky wordplay, I mean their use of similar verses to denote varying imagery. Take this verse, for example.

Wala nang tao, wala nang angas, wala nang titser, wala kang takas

The first time Keane Trinity used the verse, it stood for the bully talking to the kid being bullied. The bully’s saying that he couldn’t escape because there are no more people in school. And the teacher isn’t around anymore. However, the second time they used it after the second verse where they revealed that the child is being hit by his father when he’s drunk, it holds a completely different meaning.

Wala nang tao, wala akong angas, wala nang titser, wala akong takas

Suddenly, the same phrase gives us a different feel when introduced into a new setting. It now means that since the kid is home again, he couldn’t escape. There will be no one, no teacher to keep him away from his father’s hittings. He also loses the toughness he portrays at school once he gets home.

Social Relevance

It’s socially relevant, especially in a day where bullying is no longer tolerated and everyone is encouraged to speak up. It shows how good manners and the right character starts with the family. It also shows bullies in a different light, psychologically, that maybe the reason they act so tough at school is that they feel oppressed at home. And the school is the only place where they can exercise authority, sadly so, upon other children.

Don’t miss out on the fun. Stream ‘Lazy Day’ and ‘Siga on Spotify now!

Keane Trinity, although formed only by one permanent member, has proved itself to be a formidable band to look out for in the industry. What did you think about ‘Lazy Day’ and ‘Siga’? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.