Still trending on YouTube, the SUD new music video ‘Sana Bumalik’ was released just this week, and we’re all over it!

The band had a SUD new music video release party for ‘Sana Bumalik’ last August 30 at 12 Monkeys. This was when they first showed the video to the world. And as anticipated, it’s definitely a sequel to their ‘Sila‘ MV.

If you still haven’t seen it, we got you covered! Here’s SUD’s newest music video for ‘Sana Bumalik’.

If you remember the band’s previous video for ‘Sila’ from almost three years ago Sila, you might remember the duo in the video.

But in the new video, the two characters seem older, and perhaps wiser. What do you think?

The lead characters after almost 3 years

Another distinct difference from the two MVs is that in ‘Sila’, they were counting down to the dreaded date—February 28. But in SUD’s new MV, they count off from the date. Does this signify the two characters moving forward? If you watched the video till the end, you’d know.

Before and after

We love just how the two music videos are connected! And what we love even more is how each video can stand on their own. Whether you know about the prequel or not, the video for ‘Sana Bumalik’ gives you the same punch. (Not to mention the surprise at the end of the video.) ALL THE FEELS, MAN!

And for those who haven’t seen SUD’s MV for ‘Sila’, you can view the video below.

How do YOU feel about the SUD new music video? Love it, hate it? Would you rather ‘Sila’ ended the way it did? Or do you love knowing what happens next? Should we push for a trilogy? Let us know what you think through Facebook and Twitter @UDoUPh. We’d love to hear from you!