Shanne Dandan from The Voice Kids Season 1 is all grown up, and she just released her first single ‘Nag-iisa’! And you can listen to and watch the video here and more.

You first saw her as a 13-year-old contestant in The Voice Kids Season 1, as part of Coach Lea Salonga’s team. And with a mesmerizing voice like hers,  Shanne Dandan was probably even your bet for the show.

A few years later, Shanne is now breaking out as a a solo artist. And she just released her very first single called ‘Nag-iisa’!

But before we get into that, we’re sure you’re curious about how she grew up into the powerful songstress she is now. Here’s a little introduction video from Shanne’s official YouTube channel.

Letting go of her teeny-bopper dresses, Shanne now reveals herself to the world as that girl who reads The Bell Jar and watches Wes Anderson films.

She’s the new Indie diva we’re all waiting for. And she even helped IV of Spades with their cover art for ‘Bata, Dahan-dahan’!

You might’ve also caught her at B Side where she performed her latest single. This event was where she performed ‘Nag-iisa’ for a live audience for the very FIRST time. And we’re proud to say that we were there to experience her vocal prowess live!

We’re sure you’re excited to hear her new single at this point. And we have it here for you!

The video for her single also premiered on Myx, and you can watch it in full below!

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