Sandwich new song alert! The band is back with the release of their latest single: ‘Parang Walang Nangyari’. Listen to it here NOW!

Just two days ago (September 12, 2018), the Sandwich new song was announced by the band themselves. Since then, we’ve been counting the hourse to the release, and it’s finally here!

Listen to their newest 2018 single NOW! We’ve got the official Spotify player here for you.

Sounds like another perfect song to jam to at a live gig, what do you guys think?

This alternative Pinoy rock band has been known for their songs like “Butterfly Carnival”, “Betamax”, “Timelapse” and many other relatable songs we grew up with.

And at their 20th anniversary as a band, we just know that Sandwich has come so far. From just being a group of kids writing a bunch songs for fun, they’ve grown up and are definitely not kids anymore. Now, they’ve become legends influencing Filipino kids with their musical talents.

The band also celebrated their 20 years with the anniversary concert “Under the Glow of the Satellite” recently. This was just last April 13 at the Metrotent Convention Center, Metrowalk Commercial Complex.

We know, Sandwich has been around 20 years??? That’s a big number, and having stood the test of time is definitely worth celebrating!


For years, we have always enjoyed watching their shows. And this year, we were ecstatic to celebrate their success.

This was one of the biggest local gigs in the first half of 2018! Congratulations to the band! We totally love the Sandwich new song ‘Parang Walang Nangyari’, and hope to jam along to it at the next gig you’ll performing in!