LANY has just dropped the official music video for ‘Okay’, and it’s giving us mixed emotions. But we can assure you one thing, the MV is more than okay!

Sometimes you just gotta make yourself believe you’re gonna be okay. LANY has been our go-to for heartbreaking songs this past few months, and their moving-on anthems make most of our playlists. In relation to this, LANY’s frontman Paul Jason Klein has been up for collaborations this fast couple of months, exchanging tweets with Lauv and Taylor Swift, and even posting some pictures with Billie Eilish and Finneas! This time, the band collaborates with Julia Michaels and brings us this heartbreaking song called ‘Okay’. Here’s the official music video!

Mixed Emotions

The music video is fantastic, I tell you, but the song all in all is giving us conflicted emotions! I’m feeling sad about the song when you look at the lyrics. But it doesn’t sound sad when you listen to the tunes. Also, that music video is kinda festive and cute too! PJK has also showcased his cute little dance steps once again (and sported that Westlife-style midpart, too, by the way) as we waited too long after Super Far!

This being said, we think that the video is excellently executed. Julia Michaels brings a whole new flavour onto the table, for sure! ‘Okay’ had those similar staccato stops that ‘If You See Her’ had. I personally think there is some symbolism under all the festive tunes and all the dancing. In the video, the band can be seen sitting in a disco doing nothing and looking like they’re bored. Then Paul just started dancing with masked people. I think this is exactly what the song says. When you’re heartbroken, you try to distract yourself with anything and anyone. Sometimes we even go drinking, hang out with people we won’t even remember by dawn, trying to fill the void that that person left in us, but it’s no use.


‘Okay’ brings us very raw lyric-writing. It tells us what it is like to be heartbroken and try to tell yourself that you’re going to be okay. There is something very painful in the way they phrased the words “I wish I could tell myself that at night. I’m gonna be okay, right?” And if we didn’t look into the lyrics, we’d be fooled by how the song sounds, not knowing that it is portraying something really heavy.

If you’re one of the very many people who have gotten their hearts broken, you’d know that the experience is no joke. ‘Okay’ talks about reminiscing past memories, trying to distract one’s self, hoping for the return of something that never will, with the complete knowledge that the other person isn’t as hurt. The song seems to say that (if I may quote The Script) “when a heart breaks, it don’t break even.”

You can stream ‘Okay’ on Spotify, too!

We got a thirst for heartbreak songs, and LANY never disappoints! We can only wait in excitement for their next releases! What did you think about ‘Okay’? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.