We got a hot new release for you with Juan Karlos’ ‘Buwan’ music video. A video we love for its  jarring take on romantic love, conflict in relationships, and even insanity.


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You probably first heard of this singer as JK Labajo from The Voice Kids. And now we’re getting to know him as Juan Karlos as he debuts a more mature persona. With this Juan Karlos ‘Buwan’ music video, we think that he’s definitely proven that he’s all grown-up.

Watch him showcase both his talents in singing and acting in this very critical take on love, without having to show lust. Here’s the music video for Juan Karlos’ hot new music video for ‘Buwan’.

Currently trending on YouTube, making its way up from yesterday’s Top 40 to today’s Top 15, this video has definitely got viewers intrigued.

Why? From the video above, you know that Juan Karlos’ music video for ‘Buwan’ starts out with scenes of a couple sharing sweet moments. It’s just like any other MV you’d see, right? But Juan Karlos’ makes a rather crazy take on romance in this music video.

The Plot Twist!

As he stars alongside Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 5 winner Maureen Wroblewitz, Juan Karlos’ portrayal of love in this 5-minute spectacle shows us how romance can turn into idealization, fixation, obsession, and ultimately insanity.

You have to watch the video, maybe a few times, to really see what the video is trying to show—mostly because the twist ending might have you shookt the first time you see it. But also because, simple as the shots in this video seem, they paint a good picture of how dark and scary the mind can be when you are so absorbed with someone.

Some people also ask, is it him or her who’s crazy? But was there really a her? Was there even a them at all? We don’t really want to give everything away, but we want to hear what you think!

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