A few hours ago, the official music video for ‘Bullet to the Heart’, an English single by Jackson Wang, was released!

Jackson Wang, a Chinese member of South Korean boy band GOT7, just released his new English single ‘Bullet to the Heart’. And… we are not okay. This may sound cheesy and corny but we honestly feel like we have just been shot. Those vocals and visuals? Ugh, the music video literally left us breathless. 

The only bad thing about this song though is that it ends.

Watch the MV for ‘Bullet to the Heart’ by Jackson Wang below!

The music video is very simple, focusing only on the black and white elements — the woman in black and Jackson himself. It shows how they connect with each other and how Jackson struggles with it. We like how minimalist the video is, but still got its message across.

Bullet to the Heart

Bullet to the Heart

The teaser image for Jackson Wang’s first solo album, ‘Bullet to the Heart’

‘Bullet to the Heart’ is a really catchy song with a smooth instrumental. With just the first guitar riff, we were hooked. But what caught most of our attention with this song is really Jackson’s vocals. The huskiness and quality of his voice are just so…

Honestly, his voice is really astounding, considering that he’s the rapper for GOT7. Tweets from fans also say likewise:

On the first listen, the obvious message of ‘Bullet to the Heart’ is a story about a painful breakup. It clearly talks about love and being hurt, but it is something more than romantic love.

The message of the song, according to Jackson Wang himself, is about the things you are willing to endure. In the name of dedication and passion, how willing are you to experience torture?

‘Cause now I’m staring down a barrel

You got my life in your hands now

You wanna hit me with an arrow

Six seconds till it’s man down

As we understand it, the song may represent our goals in life. We try hard to achieve them again and again, but it does not always end positively. Failures will be there along the way, and that is the torture Jackson is referring to.

What do you think about this song by Jackson Wang? Do you relate to the message of ‘Bullet to the Heart’? Share with us your thoughts through the comments below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.