Letters never go out of style, but what if those letters were made into songs? JM de Guzman’s ‘Huling Liham’ is filled with love and regret all the same!

Aside from being a really good actor, JM de Guzman has been known for his soulful acoustic serenades that make us fall in love all the time! This time, however, he’s making our hearts melt with regret as he released ‘Huling Liham’! Check out the official lyric video now!

JM de Guzman

JM de Guzman is a great actor and a very natural one at that. Personally, I loved him most for his role in ‘That Thing Called Tadhana‘. I remember going to the movies with my SO and swooning over how perfect JM’s role was! It’s a shame we could never really tell if the characters ended up together. But still, JM’s acting did a lot to make the movie a hit!

Acting is one thing, but JM is also a musician by heart. He has done several covers of songs which, in my opinion, could be on par with the originals. His claim to fame is his naturally breathy voice and the fact that e can play instruments, too.

Huling Liham

More often than not, when we let go of people we still love, we are left with the regret of ever allowing them to go. ‘Huling Liham’ presents the idea as something similar to a letter– the last one in this case. In this song, JM sings of asking for forgiveness. The song communicates regret and an apology. And it might just be the perfect song for your single hearts!

Most of us have been there. We wish we could turn back the hands of the clock and never let go of someone because now it would be too late to get back together. That someone is already happy with somebody else. And there’s nothing you can do about it! You can’t blame the person, because it was you who made mistakes that led to the breakup. You had your chance, and you blew it. ‘Huling Liham’ is a revelation that, even though they parted ways, she is still what his heart holds. And it’s seriously painful to even think about.

You can also stream ‘Huling Liham’ on Spotify! I’ll definitely be adding this to my playlist, too!

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