Be slowly yet surely captivated by Hey, Billie’s new single ‘Dilim’!

We know all to well how some days can be so hectic and we just want things to slow down. So if you want to seek refuge from the hustle and bustle, how about giving ‘Dilim’ by Hey, Billie a listen?

‘Dilim’ is a newly released song and is your true definition of a soft rock song–rock n’ roll but subtle. And when you hear it you won’t know what exactly to feel. Are you being serenaded? Or are you being put to sleep? But we’re definitely getting that sexy vibes of the song. Guess we have a new theme song for this cuddle weather?

And let’s talk a moment to talk about the lyrics, it’s pretty much on point with the seductive feel of the song. The song also slowly builds up momentum in the beginning and as you reach the chorus, you’re met with an explosive rhythm.

If you haven’t heard Hey, Billie’s latest single, check it out right here:

Hey, Billie’s humble beginnings

In case you didn’t know, despite this band being relatively new to the music scene, it’s still able to make an uproar with its music. First known as “Kuya Kebs” in 2019, this two-man band then was only composed of Andre Saludares and Jeffrey Carino. The two were quite famous around Maginhawa area as they played in open mic gigs in bars and especially in Sagul.

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At first, the band only did covers from famous OPM bands like Franco, Ben&Ben, and Urbandub, but during the high of their career, Andre and Jeffrey decided to create their own craft that people would listen to, not just covers. Eventually, the band was renamed to, Hey, Billie and had a full set of members. Apart from Andre and Jeffrey, the band now consists of Phillipe Dizon, Kail Lee, and Rash Mejorada.

Their music vision is mainly to create songs based on experiences from their personal lives. Hmmm. So now we’re wondering how did they come up with the seductive ‘Dilim’. Make sure to stay tuned here on U Do U for more updates!

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