Childish Gambino new music video alert! Donald Glover dropped his MV Feels Like Summer at the first of September and we’ve got the juicy deets for you.

As you know, this Childish Gambino new music video isn’t his first visually cryptic, controversial music video. Earlier this year he released the visuals for song ‘This Is America’ which was analyzed by the internet from top to bottom. Now it’s Feels Like Summer‘s turn to be probed from inside out, as we try to decipher it’s meaning and symbolism from all the animated cameos and all the political undertones.

The video directed by Glover himself, as well as Ivan Dickson and Greg Sharpe, features an animated Gambino walking by a street, while the who’s who of hip hop and pop culture act up on some things that line up on current events.

And we’ve rounded up some of the most notable scenes in the video, just for you! (Okay, okay. Maybe also ’cause we just can’t get over it.)

Travis Scott ruining Nicki Minaj’s building blocks, calling to mind their beef with each other.

A tearful Kanye West, rocking Trump’s Make America Great Again hat, hugged by Michelle Obama.

Yeezy’s tears may be a nod to his breakdown while apologizing for “Slavery Is A Choice” in an interview for a local radio show that went viral in late August.

Beyonce wears a Rest In Peace Fredo Santana Shirt commemorating the late rapper.

Oprah is even featured braiding Lil Uzi Vert’s Hair.

However, while we’re all caught up in identifying all the cameos, the meaning of this video mostly completes itself with Gambino’s lyrics.

“Seven souls that move around the sun,
Rolling faster, faster
Not a chance to slow down”

Everything from overpopulation to climate change, with the hot sun beating down behind Gambino, the lyrics coincide with the visual.

The video ends with the Artist walking into his house, possibly signaling his retirement, something that he confirmed early this year. Like he was just an observer to all the crazy things happening around, that it’s time to finally throw the towel.

Overall, the message of this thought-provoking piece may visually address our culture today along with the impending environmental disaster hidden within its sugary melodies.

Check out the music video below.

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