Ben&Ben new music video alert! The collective just released a FRESH (but also historical, IYKWIM) music video for their original song ‘Susi’, and guess which movie it’s a theme for.

If you guessed GOYO: Ang Batang Heneral, then you def got it right! The Ben&Ben new music video is part of the original soundtrack of the hit historical flick, and we think that it’s just perfect!

Ben&Ben always has a knack for creating deep, heartfelt music and their song ‘Susi’ is a perfect fit for GOYO‘s dramatic scenes. And we have the video here just for you!

Listening to Ben & Ben’s ‘Susi’ and watching their new music video makes you want to seek and understand the true meaning of love. Perhaps, that’s even how you feel about the band’s other songs. And on this post, we’ll try to dissect the MV and song for you!

You must’ve noticed that the band members are wearing costumes just as everyone else in the movie to fit the scene!

And we totally LOVE it! Period Ben&Ben, anyone?

Just look at these handsome girls and boys.


More tweets from love struck fans!

Instantly, Ben&Ben‘s music video for ‘Susi’ gained A LOT of positive reactions from fans. And her are some of ’em.

And we quite agree that it should be added to our HUGOT PLAYLIST as it just tugs our heartstrings!

OM-GOYO! Same.

And here’s our girl taking notes with us as we also try to dissect the film.

DYK that Susi is one of the pre-colonial, we mean pre-collective, Ben&Ben pieces?

Sound advice right here.

It’s easy with a masterpiece like ‘Susi’. Good job, dare we say, sis!

The MV for Susi was directed by GOYO‘s director, Jerrold Tarog himself. And you must’ve noticed that the scenes of Ben&Ben’s ‘Susi revolves around Goyo and Remedios. And we think that the ball scene concept paints a picturesque scene of a dramatic romance between the lead characters.

You can also listen to Ben&Ben’s new song on Spotify! And we suggest you add it to your (OPM) favorite love songs playlist!

We don’t know about you but we definitely liked the song. Wait, that’s an understatement—we L-O-V-E-D I-T! And after this Ben&Ben new music video, we hope to hear (and see) more from the band! Catch the latest updates from your favorite artists on our Facebook page, or you can follow us on Twitter@ udouph!