Ready your earphones girls and boys! The Para Sa Broken Hearted OST is your new ‘Kirot ng PUSO Playlist’.

The ‘Para Sa Broken Hearted’ movie is now showing and we have the lowdown on the Para Sa Broken Hearted OST right here.

The Para Sa Broken Hearted’ movie’s OST is a well-crafted compilation of music pieces that stirs up our emotions and brings up past disappointments and heartbreaks. Supporting the film from Viva Films (which is NOW SHOWING btw!), it’s def going to connect with us, testing our ‘RUPOK’ levels. So we suggest you pack enough tissues for this one.

Get a chance to watch the PSBH (‘Para Sa Broken Hearted’) trailer right here, right now!

Let’s talk about what’s in the ‘Para Sa Broken Hearted’ OST!


This one is sung by OPM songstress Janine Teñoso, popularly known for her song ‘Di Na Muli’ from the movie Sid & Aya: Not A Love Story OST (May 30, 2018), so you know it’s a well-written hugot piece that’s probably going to turn that smile upside down.

Notice that it’s played in the movie trailer, perfectly setting that sad and heavy tone. *sad emoji*

You can feel the whirl of emotion just singing the first verse.

Minsan sinabi natin, walang ibang mamahalin
Tulad ng himig ng hangin, dati ‘ko nang napapansin
Naririnig ko sa awit ang buhay natin
Biglang nag-iba ang buhay, nagkasundong maghiwalay
Ipilit man, ‘di na sanay, ‘di magtagpo mga kamay
Pangako ng awit noon ay hindi nabigay


Bukas Makalawa is a mellow ballad by Sam Concepcion who’s playing one of the characters in the movie (‘Para Sa Broken Hearted’) which we think it’s a perfect fit. Our baby-faced Sam is all grown-up now!

Yes guys, this is a song of promise and it makes you want to believe in it, too!

Kahit itong puso’y ‘di handa
Ako ay umibig sapagkat
Ako’y susbok kahit ‘di sigurado


This time, Unique tones it down a little with Midnight Sky. This piece tackles about those conflicted moments when we’re sure about what we want but unsure of ourselves. Spoiler alert: He does takes the risk and takes the leap in the end!

Every time in my mind
I’m telling myself
Should I be?
Who will be?
The man who’ll hold your hand


This is from one of our OPM Legends , Itchyworms! It has a sort of uplifting feel to it and it’s because it has something to do with the fact that LOCO is a song about moving on. Deep!


INDAY by Juanita Romualdez is a playful, light-hearted take on a story of a broken hearted girl who tried too hard to be noticed.  We can def learn something from that!


Pers Lab is a classic OPM originally released by Hotdog in 1975! This song has come a long way and this time it’s rendered into a more modernistic version by After 5. It’s a classic story about a girl getting all the jitters upon falling for someone. Imagine what it feels like when it ends up unrequited. Ouch!

Here’s the complete soundtrack of ‘Para Sa Broken Hearted’ on Spotify for you to listen to as you curl up on your bed. Don’t forget the tissues for your issues!

Are you all set with Para Sa Broken Hearted OST? You can’t miss it especially if you’ll be watching the Para Sa Broken Hearted movie. And if you want to find out more about your favorite Pinoy movies’ original soundtracks, let us know on the comments section below. We’d love to hear about YOU. Tune in our Facebook and follow us on Twitter @udouph for more articles!