LANY’s latest track ‘if this is the last time’ is a poignant letter to our parents

In the middle of a global pandemic is probably both the worst and the perfect time to dig a song that gets you contemplating on our inevitable departure.

But hey, if this were the last time I could listen to a song, I would easily pick this latest offering by LANY.

‘if this is the last time’, out now!

As the world officially welcomed the month of July, American indie-pop trio LANY released their latest track ‘if this is the last time‘, their second song off their upcoming third album Mama’s Boy.


You’d instantly know the song is a major tear-jerker from the get-go; the title itself suggests the idea of a ‘goodbye’. Add to it the fact that this is not the usual Paul Klein singing to an ex-lover who broke his heart; he’s dedicating this one to the people who can make even the toughest vulnerable: our parents.

“Hey, mom, I know we’re gettin’ old
And the lines on our hands have changed
But you still look at me the same”

“Hey, dad, what’s up? Miss you so much
Yeah, the shade of your hair has changed
But I look up to you the same”

While the song is about the artist expressing his hopes, regrets, and appreciation for his mom and dad, it also attempts to be a wake-up call for everyone to spend every moment as if they were your last. On Instagram, Paul Klein shared his inspiration behind this sad, mellow track.

“The idea for the track came to me on a flight to Beijing last summer. My uncle buddy (I have his name tattooed on my arm) is getting older, and I don’t get to see him very much because I’m always working and/or on tour.

“He’s in good health, but you never know what could happen… and I thought to myself, “What if the next time I get to see him is the last time I’ll get to see him?” […] After moving into 2020 and being thrown into a global pandemic and being faced with a new reality, it became clear to me that finishing and perfecting this song was imperative… That maybe this was a song the world could lean on.”

‘if this is the last time’ by LANY is out now across all digital streaming platforms worldwide. Feel free to stream the song below!

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