LANY Drops ‘Good Guys’ For Their Upcoming Third Album ‘Mama’s Boy’

LANY has recently teased fans for their third album ‘Mama’s Boy’ with an official announcement on their social platforms.

Today, they took to Twitter to announce the release Good Guys, their first song off the album. It’s a track about hesitating to give too much to someone for valid reasons– something fairly new to fans since we’ve known LANY to be our go-to guys when we want some bouts of heartbreak. This marks their latest single since last year’s ‘Okay’.

Listen to ‘Good Guys’ on their official lyric video below!


About their third album ‘Mama’s Boy’ which is set to be released this 2020, the trio said, “This is us knowing exactly who we are and embracing ourselves fully for the first time as a band, and we’ve done our absolute best to make album 3 as perfect as possible… like a freshly mowed yard.”

From how ‘Good Guys’ sounds and also judging by Mama’s Boy trailer, we expect to experience a different side of the band– one with less heartbreaks and painful longing for those who left.

What do you think of LANY’s latest song ‘Good Guys’?

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